Moving Supplies

Keep your furniture safe and move like a pro with all the best moving equipment and packing supplies for your upcoming move.

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Moving Boxes

Moving Box Kit and Packing Supplies: Studio Apartment

Everything you need to pack a small one bedroom house or apartment.

Moving Box Kit and Packing Supplies: Small House or Apartment

Not too big, not too small. Pack a regular size home or apartment with this kit.

Moving Box Kit and Packing Supplies: Full House

Pack a full house with the 10 room moving box and packing kit.

Large Moving Boxes

Large moving boxes for big items.

Medium Moving Boxes

Medium moving boxes for medium items.

Small Moving Boxes

Small moving boxes for small items.

Bankers Boxes

Bankers boxes are easy to handle, super durable, and perfect for paper and books.

Tall Wardrobe Boxes

From your closet straight to wardrobe boxes. A simple solution to packing clothes.

Kitchen Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies Kit

Everything you need to pack your kitchen and keep dishes safe.

TV Boxes

A one size fits all solution to packing up your television.

Guitar Boxes

A specialty box for packing guitars or similar shaped items..

Picture Boxes

Keep mirrors, paintings, and wall art safe with picture boxes..

Moving Blankets

12 Economy Moving Blankets 72" x 80"

Keep a few large furniture pieces protected with one of the most popular blankets used among movers.

36 Economy Moving Blankets 72" x 80"

Enough blankets to keep a small house of furniture protected.

72 Economy Moving Blankets 72" x 80"

Enough blankets to pad a full house of furniture.

12 Felt Moving Blankets 54" x 72"

The best soltuion for one time use and protecting small furniture.

24 Felt Moving Blankets 54" x 72"

Enough blankets to protect a small apartments worth of furniture.

96 Felt Moving Blankets 54" x 72"

The ultimate value pack for protecting a lot of furniture for a cheap price.

3 Heavy Duty Moving Blankets 72" x 80"

Keep your furniture extra safe and get the most use out of heavy duty moving blankets.

6 Heavy Duty Moving Blankets 72" x 80"

A smart buy for keeping a few important pieces of furniture extra safe.

12 Heavy Moving Blankets 72" x 80"

The best value when it comes to re-using blankets and keep furniture very well protected.

Camo Moving Blankets 72" x 80"

Used for hiding furniture in the wild...

12 Large Moving Blankets 80" x 96"

The Tank Team favorite; the extra square area let's you get the most coverage out of any moving blanket.

Moving Dollies and Hand Trucks

Vending Machine/Appliance Dolly 850lbs Capacity

Move vending machines and heavy appliances and take the load off with an extra set of wheels.

Appliance Dolly 550lbs Capacity

Move heavy appliance up and down stairs with stair climbers, and keep furniture secure with a built in ratchet strap.

Alluminum Dolly 500lbs Capacity

Strong, solid lightweight design with solid rubber wheels and stair climbers.

Convertible Hand Truck 850lbs Capacity

Switch between a regular two-wheel hand truck and a four-wheel dolly. Solid, lightweight, aluminum frame.

Carpeted Four Wheel Dolly 900lbs Capacity

A classic 4 wheel wooden dolly with carpeted ends. Move anything from dressers to pianos.

Wood Platform Dolly 880lbs Capacity

Solid wood platform dolly with polyurethane wheels for rolling smooth over bumps.

XL Wood Platform Dolly 1200lbs Capacity

Extra large solid wood platform dolly 24" x 36". Perfect for big furniture and a lot of boxes.

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