Small Business. Strong Movers.

We're a local team of Professional Movers serving Windsor and Essex County.

We're a Solid Team of Movers

A good moving company starts with having awesome movers. That's why we keep a tight-knit team of strong local movers. They are usually students, ex-athletes, or people with several years of experience with moving or similar manual labour jobs. We spend time training new movers to work carefully and efficiently. We're known for pulling off the same job more carefully, with half the man power, and in the same amount of time as most moving companies. We're a compact team that knows how to move.

Small Town Boys Riding the Real Estate Boom

We started out as just a couple of small town boys from Belle River Ontario with a pick up truck working hard in the summer, trying to pay off school loans and learning how to make a living. We knew we wanted to do things the right way by taking good care of furniture, being upfront with our pricing, and providing customers with a stress-free moving day. We were lucky enough to ride the 2017-2019 real estate boom in Windsor and Essex County and quickly became a known as a reputable moving company in the area.

We Get Around but Stay Grounded

Over the years we've helped out a lot of customers, moved just about every piece of furniture imaginable, and been inside a number of different homes, apartments, offices, and storage units. We've also done our fair share of moves to and from Chatham, London, Toronto, Ottawa, and the surrounding county throughout Southwestern Ontario. But we specialize in moving local homes throughout Windsor and Essex County. We're always moving but our home base keeps us grounded.

Commercial clients we've moved for in the past

Paladin Security

Windsor, ON

St Williams Catholic Elementary School

Emeryville, ON

Caldwell First Nation

Leamington, ON

Fresh Air Exchange

Windsor, ON

Badder Bus

Essex, ON

Paragon Psychology

Walkerville, ON